A Parent’s Guide to the Flu Vaccine

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The flu vaccine is the first and best way to prevent getting the flu, which causes approximately 250,000 illnesses and 36,000 deaths each year. We contacted Maura J. Rossman, M.D., health officer at the Howard County Health Department, to provide you with the latest changes in vaccine options and tips for making your child comfortable when getting a flu shot. Read what she shared with us. The Nasal Spray and Shot  Recent studies found from 2013 until 2016 the nasal spray showed “poor or relatively lower effectiveness” at only three percent,...

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Living with Bipolar Disorder II

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Several weeks ago I was hospitalized for severe depression. I’d been dealing with a stressful project at work, my father’s terminal illness, and just getting over a painful breakup. For weeks it felt like I was drowning in my own head. I constantly felt exhausted. Simple tasks, like showering and getting something to eat, felt like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro without oxygen. Crying for no reason became the new norm. I went through my normal routine, numb and almost robot-like and could not find it within me to feel any pleasure in what I...

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Pregnancy Series, Part Two: What to Expect in the Early Stage of Pregnancy

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After learning you’re pregnant you’ll likely find yourself feeling excited and joyful while at the same time feeling overwhelmed with learning how to have a healthy pregnancy and the changes that are occurring in your body. Watch Francisco Rojas, M.D., gynecology and obstetrics physician at Howard County General Hospital, briefly describe what you can expect during pregnancy including doctor visits, ultrasounds and health screenings. Changes to Your Body During pregnancy, your body experiences many changes that help nourish and protect your...

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Teens: Answers to Questions You May Not Want to Ask

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Did you know teens read nonfiction too? And, no, we don’t just mean Wikipedia or sources for research papers. A lot of questions come up during adolescence, and sometimes when you’re a teen, you want to find a reliable answer without having to consult another person (or swim in the sea of too many conflicting answers known as the Internet). This little video highlights some of the Teen Nonfiction Collection at HCLS. Joanne Sobieck-Lingg is glad to blog about her many, disparate interests (though expert in none, except maybe...

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Back to School: How to Prepare Your Child’s School for Food Allergies

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With school starting soon, you’re probably busy with back-to-school activities, like buying clothes and school supplies, but is preparing your child’s school for his/her food allergies on the to-do list? With a little organization, preparation and education, you can help keep your child safe from experiencing a food allergy reaction at school. We’ve created this list of tips to get you started. Make an appointment with the allergist. Discuss and update your child’s food allergy emergency plan for school, making sure the plan includes a photo...

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Color Me Calm

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Sharpen those colored pencils, clear some space at your desk, and begin your creation meditation. The adult coloring craze is well underway and there are designs for everyone. Many of the bestselling books on Amazon are adult coloring books and an abundance of beautiful designs are available free on the web. Even Crayola now has a product line for adults. You may experience many added social and emotional benefits if you start coloring. Popular designs include mandalas, landscapes, plants, flowers, animals, and patterns. The mandala is a...

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Pregnancy Series, Part One: Planning and the Pre-pregnancy Exam

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One of the first steps women, who are thinking of having a baby and want to make sure they have a healthy pregnancy, should take is to see a gynecology and obstetrics physician. The first visit to a gynecology and obstetrics physician doesn’t have to happen after becoming pregnant. Actually, it’s best to visit before becoming pregnant. Proper health before becoming pregnant is almost as important as maintaining a healthy pregnancy. That’s where the pre-pregnancy exam can help. Watch Francisco Rojas, M.D., gynecology and obstetrics physician...

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How Much Sunscreen Do I Really Need?

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Summer is all about having fun in the sun. We’ve all made plans to enjoy the beach, lake, and/or pool. Many of my friends are planning to lay on the beach and even out their tans for that perfect summer-kissed glow (due to all the up-coming weddings they are attending). Seems like no big deal, right? Well, it’s NBD until you have few moles removed from your back and your doctor is telling you that a sunburn you got 10-15 years ago is probably what made those moles a problem today. Listen, skin cancer is the most common type of...

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A Geriatrician’s Role in Aging

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For an older adult, an ache or pain can have far-reaching effects, bringing additional concerns that are specific to their age. For example, a new knee pain can bring worry about reduced mobility and loss of independence or worsening existing illnesses. If an older man has knee pain, he’s thinking about a lot more than just the pain. He’s thinking this might be the end of things as he knows them. He fears he’ll have to move, go into a nursing home or never see his dog again. That’s when a geriatrician can help. Geriatricians are medical...

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Building Self-Confidence

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Summer is not half way done and many of us are involved in the back to school process. Educators, parents and students will all experience that half-excitement, half-dread, pit-of-the-stomach feeling that unfamiliar experiences and change generate. And of course, there is a picture book for that. Lots of them. Reminding us that we can do this. A little girl in a humongous blue-striped helmet chooses a bike, practices a lot, and (aided by a patient guy in a green tie) learns to ride. The gentle text offers pithy encouragement....

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