The flu and you: advice for fighting flu this season

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With all the news about infectious diseases, people may get the idea that the flu isn’t all that serious; but we need to remember that it can be a very dangerous—even fatal—illness, especially to the very young, the very old and the immune-compromised. It descends upon our local communities every year, causing a great deal of sickness and sometimes death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes, “Over a period of 31 seasons between 1976 and 2007, estimates of flu-associated deaths in the United States range from a...

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Picture Books for All Seasons and All Reasons

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I love picture books. I love to read them, share them with children, talk about them, and get lost in wonder at the ability of authors and illustrators to perfectly meld text and illustration. I especially treasure when I find books that capture the emotional truth of difficult subjects. Forget Me Not by Nancy Van Laan is an Alzheimer’s story. Julia loves her grandmother and is afraid and worried when grandmother becomes forgetful, starts wandering, and finally becomes unable to care for herself. Van Laan deftly guides the reader...

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A Primer on Respiratory Virus Enterovirus D68

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The rare respiratory virus that has sickened hundreds of kids across the Midwest has made its way to the East Coast, its arrival in Maryland was confirmed this past Wednesday (Sept. 24). Reports of severe illness have fueled anxiety among parents and caregivers, but infectious disease specialists at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center expect that most children who get the bug should recover swiftly without lingering after-effects. What is Enterovirus D68? Enterovirus D68 belongs to a family of nearly 100 viruses that cause a wide range of...

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Classes & Events to Make You Well & Wise

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Tuesday, Sept. 30, 7:00 p.m. Cutting Edge Discoveries in Neuroscience to Boost Your Brai at Miller Branch. In this three-part series, Majid Fotuhi, M.D., Ph.D., teaches how to boost brain capacity at any age. The founder and chief medical officer of NeurExpand, Fotuhi has written three books about brain health: Boost Your Brain: The New Art and Science Behind Enhanced Brain Performance; The Memory Cure; and The New York Times Crosswords to Keep Your Brain Young: The 6-Step Age-Defying Program. Fotuhi received his M.D. from Harvard Medical...

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Healthy Ways Pinterest Can Help You

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Ever since I started using Pinterest regularly, Facebook has kind of lost its shine for me. There are so many neat things about the former that the latter just cannot offer. Though over ten million people use Pinterest these days, there’s always still a chance you may be new to it. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that lets users to create and keep track of theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Obviously, Pinterest isn’t going to dramatically change your life. What it can do, though,...

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When good drugs go bad, take them back!

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Properly dispose of unwanted or unneeded medications at Drug Take Back Day on Sept. 27 in Howard County Have you ever opened your medicine cabinet and wondered, “What are all of these medications?” Some you may not have used for years and can’t remember why you had them in the first place, but you keep them because you just don’t know what to do with them. What is the best way to handle unneeded and expired drugs? Your Howard County General Hospital pharmacists recommend participating in the Drug Take Back Day on Sept. 27, 2014 in...

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As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl by John Colapinto

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How strong is the biological element in gender? Is it psychologically possible, in infancy, to engineer one’s sexuality? At what point in utero are we wired to be male or female? In 1966 rural Winnipeg, none of these facts mattered to a teenaged couple whose baby boy had recently suffered a botched circumcision and now faced a life they could not imagine. They would journey all the way to Baltimore to the Johns Hopkins Psychohormonal Research Unit under the auspices of psychologist, John Money. Their son, they were promised, would be...

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Classes & Events to Make You Well & Wise

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Tuesday, Sept. 23, 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dietary Counseling in the HCGH Wellness Center. This individualized nutrition program is for children and adults. Meet with a registered dietitian one-on-one to discuss your dietary concerns and goals. The counseling is also appropriate for those who want to gain weight, maintain a vegetarian diet and more. Cost is $35. Saturday, Sept. 23, 7:00 p.m. Meet the Author, HCLS Signature Event: Dr. Neal Barnard Presents Healthy Approaches to Weight Control, Reversing Diabetes, and the Best of Health at Miller...

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The Essence of Lace: Fall into Inspiration

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Choosing to embark on a journey of self-improvement is the best gift you can give yourself. One of the many ways you can do this is by starting a new hobby or craft. Depending on who you are, you might want to create something or maybe you want to learn a new skill. Regardless, you will experience quite the array of emotions throughout the process… but that’s half the fun; isn’t it? As the leaves change and the air becomes crisp, I tend to get inspired. I find myself looking at the fall foliage and wanting to create something. I’ll...

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Stone House Cakery cooks up a healthy recipe: natural ingredients from local farms

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Because everyone loves dessert! My husband, Dean, and I have a long line of bakers on both sides of the family, so starting Stone House Cakery & Café was a natural. We actually started the bakery in 2009, out of necessity, after he had an accident and I lost my job. I had to find something to do to keep my sanity. Everyone seems to be health conscious these days, but sometimes they still want to treat themselves to a delicious dessert. When they do, they want it made with the best and most natural ingredients. That’s what we try to...

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