A Geriatrician’s Role in Aging

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For an older adult, an ache or pain can have far-reaching effects, bringing additional concerns that are specific to their age. For example, a new knee pain can bring worry about reduced mobility and loss of independence or worsening existing illnesses. If an older man has knee pain, he’s thinking about a lot more than just the pain. He’s thinking this might be the end of things as he knows them. He fears he’ll have to move, go into a nursing home or never see his dog again. That’s when a geriatrician can help. Geriatricians are medical...

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Building Self-Confidence

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Summer is not half way done and many of us are involved in the back to school process. Educators, parents and students will all experience that half-excitement, half-dread, pit-of-the-stomach feeling that unfamiliar experiences and change generate. And of course, there is a picture book for that. Lots of them. Reminding us that we can do this. A little girl in a humongous blue-striped helmet chooses a bike, practices a lot, and (aided by a patient guy in a green tie) learns to ride. The gentle text offers pithy encouragement....

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Know When to go to the Emergency Room: An Easy Reference Guide

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With so many medical care options these days, it’s confusing to know when you should go to the Emergency Room (ER) and when you should seek care at your physician’s office or urgent care center. When in doubt, trust your instincts. If you think you’re having a true medical emergency, always call 9-1-1. This easy reference guide takes some of the guess work out of deciding. Fever First: Try acetaminophen or ibuprofen to control your fever. If your fever doesn’t go down, call your primary care physician or visit an urgent care facility. Go to...

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Swimming in Your Neighborhood Pool

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I rejoice when the weather is warm enough to swim! Swimming is one of the most healthful ways to exercise, and is broadly enjoyed by people of all ages, from babies to the aged. People can get into the pool and enjoy themselves so much that they don’t even know how much beneficial aerobic (heart-pumping) exercise they’re getting. Aerobic exercise itself has important health benefits: it reduces harmful inflammation linked to many diseases; lowers stress; lowers blood pressure; strengthens muscles (including the heart), and can...

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Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Primary Care Physician

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If you’re healthy and feeling good you’re probably wondering why you would need a primary care physician. According to William Saway, M.D., an internal medicine physician on staff at HCGH, “Even if you’re totally healthy, a primary care physician plays a very important role in keeping you healthy.” Several benefits for having a primary care physician include: Gaining a Medical Home “Your primary care physician’s office is your medical home—they know you and your medical history to treat you best when you are feeling sick,” says Dr. Saway....

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Bathing Suits and Posture

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With the pressure of the beach and pool season upon us, many people start looking for stomach exercises to look better in their bathing suits. Visions of 6 pack abs, or any pack abs for that matter, from magazine photos and TV ads often drive these requests. It takes months and months to build muscle tissue and developing visible abs requires a great amount of work with both nutrition and exercise as well as the right genetics. Additionally, any sort of 1, 2, or 6 pack does not necessarily equate to great posture and daily function just as...

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Choosing your New Baby’s Doctor: 7 Questions to Ask

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Your pediatrician’s office should be your medical home, where your child’s medical needs are met. We can get you started on finding the right fit.

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Free Blood Pressure Screenings

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My son had his blood pressure checked at a recent doctor’s visit. He made a terrible face as the cuff squeezed his arm. I assured him he was going to live. After the nurse left the room he said to me, “what do the numbers mean?” I told him I was not sure, but your numbers must be good or the nurse would have said something. Not the best answer or the most reassuring, so I decided to educate myself. Blood pressure is commonly recorded as two numbers and written as a ratio. The top (or typically higher) number is your systolic pressure,...

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The Vitamin D-lemma

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I don’t know whether you’ve had any lab work done recently, but if you have, there’s a good chance your healthcare provider took a look at your vitamin D level. Why all the growing interest in vitamin D? Won’t a couple of glasses of milk per week and some sunlight take care of it? Sufficient vitamin D promotes bone growth and repair and is required for our bodies to absorb calcium. Adequate calcium levels help assure bone strength. Conditions associated with low vitamin D levels include rickets, osteomalacia, and...

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A Look Back: Reflections from a Long-time Nurse

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In 1982, I found myself working at a hospital in the community I called “home.” I wanted the quality of care to be the best it could be, and for the past 34 years, I have committed to doing just that. Medicine runs in my family. My son is an emergency department physician in Pittsburgh, and my husband is a professor and medical researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. My mother attended nursing school during World War II. She never finished school and that was her biggest regret. She was my inspiration and the reason I...

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