Caffeine: why it’s not all perks when you have too much

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Do you use caffeine to help wake up in the morning or perk up in the evening? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Millions of people use caffeine on a daily basis. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “caffeine is the most mood-altering drug in the world.” On average, Americans consume about 280 milligrams of caffeine daily—about 30 milligrams alters mood and behavior and 100 milligrams can result in physical dependence. So how many cups of coffee a day is too much? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that four to seven cups of...

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Moving on with Moving

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As you may already know, the Central Branch of HCLS closed its doors for an exciting three-month renovation (it’s going to be so cool when it reopens!). Central team members have been temporarily relocated to the East Columbia and Miller Branches during this time. Both East Columbia and Miller have been welcoming and accommodating beyond belief. Moving, however, is never without stress, confusion, and a bit of nerves. It occurred to me, as an adult woman, that if a temporary move into a more-than-friendly territory gives me the jitters,...

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Anemia’s Effect on Your Heart Health

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Anemia can cause your heart to work harder to pump blood and result in a rapid or irregular heartbeat. Fortunately, the disorder is reversible. Read on for tips how.

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Low Carb – High Flavor: Cauliflower

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I love carbs! Technically, our bodies and brain NEED carbs. But the carbohydrates I’m referring to are the “bad” ones. The ones I grew up with: white rice, white potatoes, taro, and all kinds of breads. Frankly, I have a potato problem. I love potatoes in all their glorious forms! However, I am partial to a giant mountain of home made mashed potatoes. So, in order to keep an eye on my blood sugars, I trick myself with one of my favorite low-carb sides: garlic cauliflower mash. It’s a surprisingly delicious way to enjoy...

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9 Ways to Manage Congestive Heart Failure

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Need help managing CHF? Follow Dr. Groman’s advice, as well as read about our new hospital service you may benefit from.

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How to write literary essay check on

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Homework help websites for college students with paper for college

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Then, depending on your answers, you may wish to explain ways in which the project might be improved or introduce new questions that have come up as a result of the project.Big believer in teaching practical knowledge and skills that actually work.Ll build your brand and expertise at the same time.Manager or perhaps the sales rep who assists as your point of contact.In preparation for beginning proposal development, the student should reflect on the knowledge needed to carry out the dissertation and begin to identify gaps in knowledge that...

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8 Ways to Avoid Sitting Disease

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Eight tips to get up from your desk to avoid sitting disease, a lifestyle risk factor (even if you’re a regular exerciser) for cardiovascular disease, heart attack, diabetes and other health concerns.

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The Essence of Lace: Emotions That We Face

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Have you ever experienced an emotion that you could not explain or describe? If you have, you can attest to this unexplained emotion leading to even more indescribable emotions. Before you know it, you are left feeling like you don’t understand yourself. I have had experiences where loved ones have told me to “be happier” or “calm down” after I try to explain what I’m feeling. These dismissive responses have caused me to repress my emotions at times; as if they didn’t exist. You can’t just “be happy” because someone...

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How a Spin Class Turned this Cardiologist into a Triathlete

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This local cardiologist pedaled his way to fitness. His story will motivate you to become more active too.

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