Looking Back at HCGH as Columbia Turns 50

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The Howard County community is commemorating Columbia’s 50th anniversary, which has made us nostalgic for the early days of Howard County Community Hospital. When our hospital opened its doors to the first patients in 1973 – four admitted inpatients, in fact – the community of Columbia was in its infancy and consisted mainly of vast and undeveloped farmland. As the area was undergoing a transformation, Columbia’s visionary founder, James Rouse, realized that residents of the new town would need convenient medical care and a superior...

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Color Me Happy: How Colors May Influence Mood

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I’m just pleased as pink to be writing this post. Every day we’re faced with myriad obstacles and decisions. I’m always looking for better ways to cope. Recently, I discovered one of the things missing in my life: color. If you go back (if only we could) to ancient Egypt, India, or China, you’ll find that the use of color in healing was a really big thing. So big, in fact, that people still practice the art of color therapy (or chromotherapy) today. It appears that color affects us in so many ways, it seems wrong to pay so little attention to...

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Top 5 Gardening Benefits for Your Life and Health

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The health benefits of gardening are numerous. There is a certain symbiosis that exists between you and the earth when you start digging in the dirt. Recently, the Population Health department at Howard County General Hospital volunteered to plant vegetables in the Howard County Community Garden as a team building exercise and as a way to give back to our community. The vegetables we planted will be donated to the Maryland Food Bank, providing people in need with healthy, organic and fresh vegetables. Most of our team members had never...

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Lifesaver: Knowing What to Do When Stroke Strikes

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May is stroke awareness month, which is a perfect time to remind people about the signs and symptoms of stroke and why it is imperative that a person exhibiting signs receives immediate medical attention. You may have heard the phrase, “Time lost is brain lost.” When a stroke occurs, it’s often sudden. Understanding the symptoms will allow you to act quickly and decisively. Every minute a stroke victim remains untreated could mean the difference between a full recovery and loss of important functions such as speech or movement. 5 Stroke...

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Multiple Sclerosis: More Questions Than Answers

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When I was growing up we often visited my mom’s cousin, Audrey, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis or MS. She was always kind and always in a hospital bed on the first floor of her home. As a child I did not think much about it; it was just the way it was and it never changed. Now my college-age daughter has been dating a young man whose mother suffers from MS, so I thought it was time that I learned more about this disease with no clear etiology and no known cure. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system, which...

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Three Cheers for Hospital Week – Celebrating What, and Who, Makes HCGH Great

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Each year in May, hospitals across the nation celebrate National Hospital Week, a time to reflect on what makes a hospital truly great. There are so many examples we can point to when talking about what makes us great – our infrastructure, advanced technology, our many community programs and services as well as the dedication to and delivery of superior patient care day in and day out. HCGH is more than a place where people go when they are sick. It’s a center of healing and a place of hope for so many people in Howard County. It’s the...

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When It Comes to Strokes – ACT FAST!

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May is National Stroke Awareness Month and according to the NSA (National Stroke Association) strokes kill more than 137,000 Americans annually. A stroke (or brain attack) occurs when the blood flow to an area of the brain is disrupted. Some of the general symptoms of a stroke include a weakness or numbness of the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body, as well as sudden vision changes, trouble speaking, or walking. You can read more about the many varied symptoms of a stroke here and stroke risk here. Your primary care...

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Diagnosed with Diabetes: Where to Start

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Diabetes is known as a “silent disease” because many of the signs and symptoms are not noticeable, yet approximately 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. If you’re like many who think nothing can be done to change your diagnosis, think again. According to Mark Corriere, M.D., an endocrinologist on staff at HCGH, you are in charge and, through lifestyle changes and education, you can be in control of your diabetes. Get educated. Diabetes is a disease where self-management and self-awareness are key. Dr. Corriere tell...

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Post-Partum Depression Requires Treatment

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One morning, I completely fell apart. I told my husband I wanted to die and he rushed me to the emergency room. I was prescribed an antidepressant and things immediately started improving. I was suffering from major postpartum depression, which in my experience was like living in a completely different world from everyone I loved. I could see them laughing and smiling, but I couldn’t participate despite how hard I tried. I felt cut off, cut out, and on the verge of being discarded. I was completely convinced that I would keel over at any...

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Tackling the Emotions of Diabetes: A Support Guide for Friends and Family

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April is Defeat Diabetes month and we thought we’d write about a subject that isn’t often written about, how friends and family can provide emotional support to loved ones who have diabetes. A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming emotionally for loved ones as well as the person with the disease. Friends and family don’t always know the best way to help. Licensed psychologist Lisa Hoffmeyer, Ph.D., a diabetic herself, gives friends and family the following advice: Offer to Help Ask what kind of help the diabetic needs and wants, and take a...

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