5 Thanksgiving Food Swaps You Should Consider

Thanksgiving dinner has to be the most favored hedonistic joys of the holidays. It kicks off the season of excused gluttony with family and friends. Thanksgiving dinner is second only to the Halloween candy binge and is truly the beginning of bad food decisions for the winter months. Oh, the sheer excitement of pigging out with those you love only to collapse in a heap on the couch to watch football. Oh yes, I LOVE Thanksgiving, but the results of the aforementioned food binge don’t help me meet my health goals. Believe me, losing weight, staying healthy, and making food decisions around the holidays is tough, but it’s necessary. Here are some swaps to consider.

  1. Cauliflower mash is awesome. I was skeptical myself at first, but this is one really tasty way to make your Thanksgiving dinner less fattening and more interesting. Check out this recipe for garlic cauliflower mash, 600 plus reviewers can’t be wrong, right? Also, try Brassicas for more healthy vegetable based dishes.
  2. Sweet potatoes slathered in butter and toasted marshmallows are sweetly decadent. Unfortunately, for most people, and particularly diabetics, the extra sugars (and fat) in this traditional dish would require a serious bolus shot of insulin and a several days of cross fit sessions to counteract the damage. Instead, opt for a savory herb casserole packed with flavor not with empty calories. Vegetable Literacy may have the right recipe for you. Please, stay strong, you don’t need those toasted marshmallows, you just want them.
  3. Stuffing is, in my book, a hearty, gratifying, carb-city of deliciousness. Unfortunately, this dish is a real pain for many of my family members. Celiac is no joke and stuffing is a nightmare of sorts for those living with the disease. Celiac Creations for Multiple Allergies is a 2015 title that may help find the right substitute to satisfy that stuffing craving.
  4. Lay off the booze or seriously reduce your intake. I get it, everyone wants to have a drink once in a while, but sometimes it seems like people use the holidays as an excuse to… well, binge. Listen, I know you’ve either been to a holiday party (or heard about) where someone went overboard with the punch and, well, got a little too “punchy.” Trust me, that’s never pretty. Binge drinking hurts your body in numerous ways. Instead, opt for a small glassĀ of sparkling juice or mix sparkling water with fresh fruit if you need a little bubbly. Cool Waters has some great low and no-cal drinks you can try. If you do choose to drink, limit your intake, and always have a plan for getting around town or getting back home. A glass of wine or a couple beers may not hurt you, but you could hurt someone else.
  5. Go for a walk or play a game of touch football in the yard. O.K. I know this isn’t a “food swap,” but it’s definitely a way to switch things up. Instead of sinking into that couch post-turkey feast to watch the Panthers & Cowboys, go outside and take a walk around your neighborhood. Besides, the Bears-Packers game will be much more interesting (what with the recent jinx conspiracy based on Ditka doing that fast food commercial wearing Packers’ gear). Basically, if you don’t do any Thanksgiving food swaps, but do go for a walk or do some exercise after your meal, you’ll reduce your blood sugars and, at least, feel like you’re burning a few of those extra calories.