Choose Civility Symposium 2015: Would You Say That To My Face? October 8, Miller Branch

As technology increasingly shapes and informs how we interact with each other online, how can we foster positive communication through social media, and how can we encourage people to make good choices about the information they share? What does it mean to be a good digital citizen, and what impact does our online presence have on our off-line reputation? How and why do our online and offline personas differ? Could our online personas benefit from more deliberate thought about how we portray ourselves and interact with others? What role, if any, should civility play in our online personas? Learn how social media users of all ages can cultivate and demonstrate digital civility, appropriate communication, and personal responsibility when using social media platforms.

Wellness permeates all facets of our lives from physical and mental to behavioral and beyond.
Howard County Library System invites you to join the discussion andĀ register for this eventĀ here.