Get Off The Weight Loss Roller Coaster!

How many times have you lost or gained ten, twenty, or even fifty pounds? While both men and women experience health issues surrounding weight, women tend to ride the “weight loss roller coaster” for much of their lives. Starting from adolescence, the media pressures women to fit a certain body type and look a certain way. Who cares about how you look? Is fitting that ideal image the most important goal? Have you ever quit exercising because that dreaded scale didn’t move after working out and eating healthy for a month? Do you feel like healthy eating is a punishment?

This roller coaster ride, the number of weight loss (or gain) peaks and valleys we experience, directly impacts our metabolism. It’s never too late to jump off that roller coaster. But, when you’re ready to get off, where do you begin?

First, find a sledge hammer and take it to your scale. Enjoy every minute! Destroy that little machine which has controlled so much of your life and start looking at the important things in your life. Evaluate why losing weight matters. Find your driving reason for making this change. Examine your energy level, health status, family health history, areas of pain, and level of enjoyment in your life. What do you want to achieve?

Second, take it slow. Make small, realistic changes to your daily routine. Be sure to talk with your doctor and consider consulting a nutritionist for changes in your diet as well. Set out to achieve one or two goals a month as you form healthier habits. Try something new! Perhaps Yoga, hiking, Pilates, or Zumba. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily eating plan. Drink plenty of water and get enough quality sleep.

When working with a busy schedule, remember every little bit counts. Hearing that we must engage in 60 – 90 minutes of activity every day seems overwhelming at first. Do what you can, as long as it’s something active. Short on time? Make twenty minutes go a long way in your workout with intervals, try big movements with minimal rest. Increasing your intensity allows you to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

Include your friends and family on your journey. Supporters can help you stay focused along the way. Chances are, they could use a little encouragement as well. Leave the wild roller coaster rides for the amusement park and set yourself on a smooth path to healthy living.

Your health is a journey, not a destination. Take time to enjoy the ride and the other things life has to offer. Be healthy and get off that roller coaster! Your life will benefit greatly and your metabolism will thank you!

Lisa Martin founded Girls on the Run of Howard County in 2009. She is AFAA & NSCA certified, has more than 15 years of personal training experience, and practices a multidimensional wellness approach at Salvere Health & Fitness. Lisa says that one of the best things about being in the health and fitness industry is watching people accomplish things they never thought possible.