2013 Marks 40 Years of HCGH’s Commitment to Caring for Generations

Birthdays are often family celebrations. Generations gather around the birthday child, or parent, or grandparent to help them celebrate the past and make wishes for the future.

This year marks the 40th birthday —  or anniversary —  for Howard County General Hospital and it will be a year full of celebrations. We hope you’ll join in the festivities because we’ve been caring for generations — your generations!  From infants to children, to adults and seniors, we’ve been there every step of the way.

In the beginning, it all started with a vision.  A growing new community needed top-notch healthcare and a hospital.  The Columbia Clinics and Hospital opened its doors in July of 1973 with only 59 beds and an emergency room that required you to call ahead so they could unlock the doors to meet you.  Originally the local hospital was designed only to deliver babies and provide short term care, like overnight stays, and simple surgeries. Even before the doors opened, however, visionaries knew that Columbia and Howard County would continue to grow; the need for a more comprehensive hospital was readily apparent. In 1974 the Columbia Clinics evolved into Howard County General Hospital — an independent, not-for-profit hospital created to care for the ever-evolving healthcare needs of a growing region. Today the hospital has 249 beds in individual rooms. We’ve grown from 88 physicians to over 900 physicians and from 485 babies delivered the year we opened to 3,333 babies delivered in 2012.

Throughout the upcoming year we’ll tell you the story of how we continued to grow and expand over the past forty years. We’ll do it by focusing on generations —  our children, our youth, our adults and our seniors.  We’ll tell you great stories about the addition of our special care nursery, now the Lundy Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  and about The Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine  which provides perinatal services and high risk pregnancy care. We’ll talk about the Children’s Care Center and our pediatric emergency services. We’ll give you a virtual tour of the Patient Pavilion, which houses three inpatient units, and the Bolduc Family Outpatient Center, and we’ll talk about the more recent creation of The Comprehensive Breast Center, which offers a full range of treatment options for breast cancer patients. We have many old —  and new —  stories to share.

And, just like a real family celebration, we’ll tell you the story of our birth and our growth through the use of old photo albums, and scrapbooks. We hope these will inspire you to share your individual stories with us, as well!

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