Shopping Safety Tips

Black Friday is over and, thankfully, all of you survived to fight another year. The remaining shopping days until the wintertime-gift-giving day of your choice (we prefer Boxing Day) will never reach the world-ending chaos of Black Friday, but they can still be a stressful and terrifying time, especially as the deadline nears and the best gifts begin to disappear.

So, assuming you didn’t accomplish all your shopping already, how can you best prepare for the days ahead? Well, that’s one of the many reasons you have a library.

Get organized
Make sure you have lists of the items you want to get everyone, and where to find those items. Have back-up options ready in case of sell outs or price changes. You don’t want to have to go back out for something you forgot at the last minute.

Compare Prices
Do your research to spot the best deals, and create a budget so you don’t get too far off track. It’s easy to go overboard in buying things for the people you love. Brush up on your math, and make sure you can afford your purchases!

Eat Right
This operation will take all of your skills and a lot of mental energy. Make sure you eat properly and also consume the necessary amount of caffeine.

You’re going to need to be in good shape to handle those crowds. Do some stretches and cardio, so you can get through buildings quickly. Add some strength training so you can carry all the things. And honestly, in this day and age, a little parkour wouldn’t hurt.

Be Polite
Okay, we’ve trained you to tackle the crowds, but there’s no reason to actually tackle anyone. It’s a season of love and happiness, even for that guy who just took the last sale item. Maintain your manners with the overworked staff and with the people in the same predicament as you.

This is a stressful season, and all that being polite takes effort! Whether you’re hunting in a crowd, standing in an endless line, or stuck in traffic or looking for a parking spot, you don’t want that stress to take over. Get a relaxing CD for the car, and practice breathing exercises for when you’re on your feet.

Don’t let your awesome gifts be ruined by inferior wrapping. Pick up some new paper and ribbon, or learn some crafty ways to put your gifts together.

Look at how easy it is now that you have a game plan! Now you just have to figure out what on earth to get your brother-in-law this year.