Cause for Celebration

On Saturday, November 10, one of our Well & Wisers went to an event called Santé: Spoil Your Palate at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. Not only did she have a blast sampling some of Maryland’s best cuisine prepared by acclaimed chefs, enjoy some exhilerating music, and have an opportunity to bid on some wonderful goods and services in the silent auction, all while hanging out in a train museum (cool!)–she also did good.

You see, Santé has become an annual event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland (NKF-MD), a nonprofit, voluntary health organization that was established in 1955 by Harriet G. Guild, M.D., a well-known Baltimore physician and a pretty amazing woman. NKF-MD “is dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.”

This is a pretty great mission, especially considering that our kidneys are basically the sewage treatment plant of the body, can be affected by myriad ailments and complications, and play a pretty key role in helping us stay healthy and…alive. Sadly, “more than 10% of people, or more than 20 million, aged 20 years or older in the United States” have chronic kidney disease, according to the CDC. Not only does NKF-MD help raise awareness and provide resources, they also offer free KEY screenings, provide advocacy and support, and, of course, organize some pretty great fundraising events. But if you missed Santé this year, don’t fret, perhaps you can catch it next year or be involved in some of their other events.

So keep in mind, doing a good deed doesn’t necessarily require pain or sacrifice (well, maybe a little time, money, and possibly some high-heel-pinched toes). It can even be a an opportunity to have a fun time, while helping out. That’s a win-win for sure!