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Walking is a wonderful thing to do. Whether you are walking for work, fitness or relaxation, walking is a great mode of free transportation. The benefits of walking are numerous and touch many aspects of our lives. Walking improves the health of the environment by using less fuel and reducing air pollutants. According to the Centers for Disease Control, walking on a regular basis can aid in weight management, help strengthen the heart, reduce risks for some types of cancer, help with depression and significantly reduce one’s chances of developing type-2 diabetes. For those of you who live within walking distance of your job, walking to work several times a week can save you money and reduce the wear and tear on your car; which can also be a savings.

Walking is also a great way to relax your mind, renew your spirit and get in touch with your community.  On Saturday May 12, the Columbia Archives will be facilitating three walking tours of Columbia. Director of the Columbia Archives, Barbara Kellner, shared that “These tours will allow people to see Columbia up close and enjoy a leisurely walk. This activity will also show people how easy it is to actually walk from the Town Center Lakefront to Oakland Mills, Wilde Lake and the residential area of Town Center.” The WalkAlong event is a perfect way to blend a little physical activity with learning and will allow participants to enjoy some of the history of Columbia and Howard County.

The tours are free but registration is required and limited to 30 people per tour. Click here to register.


Another guest post from our friends at CA! Anita Baxter is a group fitness instructor who teaches belly dancing for the Columbia Association fitness facilities. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in social and community service.

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  1. Good luck to WalkAlong. Just 30 minutes walking a day will improve your health and should be part of an effective weight loss diet program.