HCGH Mom Tweets During Labor

The Howard County Times has a great article about an HCGH Mom who tweeted through her labor. Nichole Kelly is a social media consultant…so, it just came naturally that she would document the birth of her third child last week on Twitter. Here are the messages she sent along the way:

Twitter Live Birth

Shortly after giving birth, Kelly shows Charge Nurse Jill Kerr (left) and Nurse Midwife Jeanne Prins the Twitter message announcing her baby’s arrival.

  • I think I deserve a mommy badge! Giavanna is on her way!
  • Pitocin started contractions 2 min apart…
  • 10 yrs in between apparently that’s why my body forgot what to do…contractions are still 1and a half min apart LOL
  • @thejaykelly kickin’ it in “I’m the Daddy” scrubs waiting 4 Gia 2 make her entrance into the world…
  • They induced me at 8:30 this morning. LOL…anyone else ever live tweeted their labor?
  • Howard County General is doing a great job with baby Gia’s labor. I haven’t wanted to punch a nurse yet! LOL
  • Ok folks…water broke…contractions much stronger…only dilated to 2…Signing off for now..
  • Epidural…so nice! Much happier.
  • Welcome to the world Giavanna Marie Kelly.
Baby Giavanna was born at 5:06 p.m., weighing 5 pounds, 14 ounces. According to dad, Jay Kelly, “Nichole and I certainly have enjoyed our time here at HCGH and really had fun keeping our friends, relatives (and perfect strangers) up to date on Nichole’s labor and Giavanna’s birth.” Giavanna joins brothers Huntor and Kaden.


  1. Nice to see that you can get a good signal in the delivery room!

    • HCGH is receptive in so many ways! We are also wireless and ready to go when you want to tweet those special moments.

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