Welcome to the Well and Wise blog!

What is Well and Wise? It’s a new initiative led by Howard County Library System (HCLS) and Howard County General Hospital: A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine (HCGH). Our vision is to enhance, advance, and elevate health education in Howard County, improving the health of our entire community.

While we plan to launch the community-wide partnership component of Well and Wise at a fall summit, we are introducing the Well and Wise blog now for two reasons. The first is excitement: we just couldn’t wait!

The second and clearly more pressing reason is that we are confident you will enjoy this blog for its enlightening tips, inspiring stories, schedules of classes and events, and expert advice written by HCLS instructors, HCGH professionals, and guest bloggers.

As to the Well & Wise logo, you may be wondering, “Um . . . why not an apple? As in, ‘An apple a day…’”

In a nutshell, we wanted a logo that, like the partnership, would be unique, compelling, and fun!  While arguably compelling, the ubiquitous apple fell short in the unique and fun categories. So a pear. With a “pair” of glasses. Perfect!

In addition to its distinction, the picture-of-health pear represents “Well.”  And the glasses? As you no doubt have guessed, that’s for “Wise.”

At this site, you’ll soon find:

  • Details about upcoming classes and events, such as HCLS’ 5K and Family Fun Run, skin cancer screenings, sports medicine clinics, and CPR classes;
  • News related to HCLS’ forthcoming Enchanted Garden, a teaching garden centering on growing healthy habits; and, who knows,
  • Maybe even a posting on pears.

Our profound thanks to the creative and visionary HCGH and HCLS staff members who have worked together to develop Well & Wise. The partnership is ideal, as  HCGH seeks to provide the highest quality care to improve the health of our entire community through innovation, collaboration, service excellence, diversity and a commitment to patient safety while HCLS aims to deliver high-quality public education for all ages.

Most importantly, Well & Wise is intended to benefit you and your family. We sincerely hope that this Well & Wise blog becomes a favorite online destination.

Valerie Gross

Valerie J. Gross
President & CEO
Howard County Library System

Vic Broccolino

Vic Broccolino
President & CEO
Howard County General Hospital: A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine

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  1. Congratulations on the new blog! Here’s a suggestion that I think would be a natural fit for a combined library/hospital blog:

    Do a regular feature “Instead of X, read Y” that discusses some of the “fad of the moment” self-help, medical, or nutrition/diet books and recommends some alternative reading that might be more useful, more correct, better-written, or otherwise a superior choice. (For example, I think David Kessler’s book “The End of Overeating” is worth any number of fad diet books.)