Edible Heirlooms Class comes to Howard County Library

By Michele Hunter

Heirloom Tomatoes by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden

Stop by Howard County Library System’s Savage Branch on May 4, 2011 to explore the world of heirloom vegetable seeds and plants  in a class taught by Howard County Master Gardener Pat Greenwald. A wonderfully varied group of plants, heirloom vegetables are both delicious and a lot of fun to grow.

I began doing a little vegetable gardening when my children were small. I had, by lucky chance, stumbled upon a wonderful catalog that featured mainly heirloom seeds, promptly ordered lettuces, tomatoes, and the like and we were off! Starting out under lights in my basement, our vegetables progressed to a small garden that we all enjoyed immensely for several years.

As life got busier, I stopped vegetable gardening, but this spring I “caught the bug” again. I have a new raised bed that I’m in the process of planning and planting, and I’m looking forward to Pat Greenwald’s class for some ideas and as a reintroduction to heirloom plants!

I know she’ll have a lot to say and plenty of resources for all of us, but if you can’t wait to get started growing delicious, healthy food, you might take a look at the following books in Howard County Library System’s collection, The Edible Heirloom Garden by Rosalind Creasy and The Heirloom Tomato: from garden to table: recipes, portraits, and history of the world’s most beautiful fruit by Amy Goldman.   You can also check out some of my favorite internet resources, Seed Savers Exchange www.seedsavers.org and Renee’s Garden www.reneesgarden.com.

Edible Heirlooms will be held at the Savage Branch Wednesday, May 4 from 7-8:30pm. Register online or by calling 410.880.5980.

Michele Hunter started with the Howard County Library System in 1998 as a Children’s Instructor at the Savage Branch, then transferred to the Central Branch to work in Research. She returned to Savage as the Assistant Manager in 2004. Her hobbies are ballet, gardening, and needlework.

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  1. I love heirloom tomatoes! Amish Potato Leaf tomatoes are one of my favorites… not sure if they are heirloom, but they are an old variety and hard to find.